About us

FETISH⨁CHURCH is a blog discussing kink in all its forms, and seeks to understand human sexuality by viewing it through that lense.

We view religion in the abstract, not through any particular faith but as a set of code and practises that influence how one views the world. Much like religion in general, our use of religious iconography is inherently metaphorical, and we are not aligned with any one faith, though practitioners of kink from all ideological backgrounds are welcome. But that said:

We are LGBTQ+-inclusive by design. We have zero patience for TERFs, SWERFs and people who seek to wield religion as a cudgel against all the earth’s peoples. Fascists and nazis have no home here. If this describes you, please search your heart, and come back to us only after you no longer hold such hatred and fear.

Our parish is led by Rev. Andi N. Fiziks (she/her), who can also be followed on Bluesky at reverend.fetish.church and on Mastodon at @andi@nuklear.family.

Want to write for FETISH⨁CHURCH?

We’re not quite set up for it, but we’d love to have fetishchurchgoers create writing, music and art for our congregation. Please contact us if this is something that interests you.